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    Evil Dead

    Thu, 5th Jul at 9pm UAE

    Five friends come across a book of incantations during their stay at a remote log cabin. A terrifying force is released when Eric reads an incantation aloud.

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    Insidious: Chapter 2

    Sat, 14th Jul at 11:30pm UAE

    All seems well in the life of the Lamberts till Josh starts behaving strangely. The Lambert’s seek to find answers and the secret that has left them connected to the spirit world.

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    Legion S1

    Starts Fri, 20th Jul at 7:30pm UAE

    David Haller has been diagnosed as schizophrenic at a young age. A strange encounter with a fellow patient Syd, results in David realizing that he has super human abilities.

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    Z Nation S3

    Sun to Thu at 7:30pm UAE

    Murphy survived the zombie apocalypse and is now the world’s last hope at creating a vaccine. A group of survivors help transport him across the country to the last functioning viral lab.


Saturday June 16 , 2018 UAE Timing
Z Nation: Episode 11 12:30am
Humans: Episode 5 1:15am
American Horror Story: Hotel: Episode 12 2:20am
American Psycho II: All American Girl: 3:15am
Sons Of Anarchy: Episode 1 4:40am
Humans: Episode 6 5:55am
Z Nation: Episode 11 6:45am
Z Nation: Episode 12 7:25am
Humans: Episode 7 8:10am
American Horror Story: Episode 1 9:00am
Humans: Episode 8 9:40am
10,000 Days: 10:30am
Trapped: Episode 1 12:00pm
Z Nation: Episode 11 12:55pm
Z Nation: Episode 12 1:40pm
Humans: Episode 5 2:25pm
American Horror Story: Episode 3 3:15pm
Z Nation: Episode 12 4:00pm
Scream 2: 4:45pm
Sons Of Anarchy: Episode 5 6:45pm
Atlanta: Alligator Man 7:40pm
Atlanta: Sportin' Waves 8:15pm
Trapped: Episode 1 8:45pm
The Patriot: 9:40pm