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    Cleverman S1

    Starts Wed, 24th Jan at 6:45pm UAE

    An ancient species of super humans from the Aboriginal Dreaming known as the Hairy people battle for survival in a world that persecutes and exploits them with the ultimate goal of wiping them from the earth.

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    Humans S2

    Every Sat at 7:30pm UAE

    This sci-fi drama series is a story set in a parallel universe where technology is highly advanced and lifelike humanoids called Synths are the must-have machines for any household.

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    Justified S6

    Sun to Thu at 7:30pm UAE

    The sixth and final season of this drama features the climax of the rivalry between Raylan and Boyd.

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    Kingdom S2

    Sun to Thu at 8:15pm UAE

    A retired MMA fighter turned trainer juggles keeping his mixed martial arts gym running and keeping his family united.


Wednesday January 17 , 2018 UAE Timing
Justified: Burned 12:55am
Kingdom: Cut Day 1:35am
K-19: 2:25am
Donnie Darko: 4:35am
Lilyhammer: Episode 3 6:30am
Justified: Burned 7:15am
Kingdom: Cut Day 7:55am
K-19: 8:45am
Donnie Darko: 10:55am
Lilyhammer: Episode 3 12:45pm
Kingdom: Cut Day 1:55pm
K-19: 2:45pm
Donnie Darko: 4:55pm
Lilyhammer: Episode 4 6:45pm
Justified: Trust 7:30pm
Kingdom: King Beast 8:10pm
Camouflage: 9:00pm
Slow Burn: 11:00pm